DOSEEM Firefighter Suit DSPC-3 (CCS)

DOSEEM Firefighter Suit DSPC-3 (CCS)

For marine offshore
Firefighter Suit DSPC-3 (CCS) is divided into two parts, a top & a pair of pants. It's a new type of clothing that fire commanders wear when they command fire in the fire.

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DOSEEM Firefighter Suit (CCS)

Article number: 03004

Model: DSPC-3



Approve: CCS

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The firefighter suit consists of a flame retardant layer, a waterproof and breathable layer, a heat-insulating layer and a comfortable layer. It is divided into two parts, a top and a pair of pants. It is a new type of clothing that fire commanders wear when they command fire in the fire.

There are reflective signs on shoulders, jacket hem, cuffs, trousers and so on, which can be seen in 360 degrees. The use of imported reflective strip, reflective belt with flame retardant, washing and other characteristics.

Recommended field: Marine offshore

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Key Features

Lightweight and effective, fireman suit ensures protection against hazards of contact with fire, convective heat, radiant heat and the risks associated with the accumulation of electrostatic charges. It's easy to wash and retain their protective properties after washing.

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1. Firefighter Coat

High Mao collar with large protective flap and DOSEEM fastening. Semi-elasticated wrist adjustment. Thumb loop for increased stability. 3 patch pockets: 1 microphone breast pocket with DOSEEM fastening and 2 waist pockets with DOSEEM fastening. Yellow and grey reflective strips around the body and arms, and yellow at the waist. 

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2. Firefighter Trousers

Zip fastening, covered by flap and press-stud. Semi-elasticated waist adjustment. Adjustable straps with plastic buckles. Reinforcement at the knee. 2 side patch pockets. 2 yellow and grey reflective strips under the knees.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
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DOSEEM DSPC-3 Advantages:

  • Two piece fire resistant garment with a four-layer

  • Aramid thermal insulation barrier

  • Breathable

  • Wicking performance

  • Outer shell treated with water repellent finish

  • Flame resistant triple trim reflective tape on chest, back, arms and legs for optimum visibility day and night

  • Stand-up collar with touch and close fastening to protect the neck

  • Front zip closure

  • Storm flap

  • Adjustable elasticated shoulder braces on trousers

  • Adjustable wrist closures

  • Antistatic Protection: Excellent protection against the dangers of electrostatic charges.

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Technical parameter

Firefighter suit parameters


Firefighter suit

Tearing strength

Warp & weft ≥ 100N



Water proof




Moisture permeability

5457 g / (m2 · 24h)


Aramid & PTFE

Oil repellent performance

3 levels

Fire resistance performance

Damage length ≤ 10cm

Thermal protection performance (TPP)


Continued burning time


International size


Thermal stability (dimension change rate)



≤ 3kg

Surface moisture resistance

4 levels

Lifesaving drag belt deployment time


Breaking strength

Warp & weft ≥ 650N

Lifesaving drag belt drag distance

> 2.5m

When ordering please specify what size suit.

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