DOSEEM Firefighter Suit Instructions For Use

Limitation of use

The garments indicated in this informative note are not suitable for use in operations requiring protection resistant to permeation by chemicals at the molecular level or at the operation during which massive amounts of chemicals in liquid or gaseous products are. It is not appropriate in cases where the heat and fire are of considerable magnitude. for all the other uses not mentioned in the informative note. These garments are NOT suitable for all uses not mentioned in this informative note.


Garments which are part of an ensemble must be worn together. Protection against the risks indicated in this informative note is not guaranteed if the pieces are used individually. The garments only protect the part of the body actually covered, therefore they must be integrated, according to the use, with the relevant PPEs to protect hands, feet, head and airways. The safety features indicated are guaranteed only if the garments are of the right size, are correctly worn, buckled up, and in a perfect state of preservation. Before use, visually control everything to make sure the devices are in perfect conditions, are not broken and are clean; if the clothing should not be in perfect conditions (open seams, tears or holes) replace immediately; if there are any stains, follow the instructions in the MAINTENANCE. If the suit gets damaged during use immediately leave the area and replace the suit. The flame propagation limitation feature may be jeopardized. An increase in the level of oxygen in the air may reduce the protective capacity of the clothing against flames. Take all necessary measures when working in confined spaces where there may be an increase in the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. The user must not remove the garments if he is still in the work area at risk. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damages or consequences resulting from improper use or tampering with the equipment.


  • Mechanical washing max 40°C. Bleach not allowed. Machine dry at moderate temperatures. Iron: temperature max 110°C. Dry cleaning with perchloride ethylene.

  • Keep equipment in the original packaging in a cool and dry place, not dusty, far from heat sources and far from direct light.