DOSEEM Pressure reducer unit 02232

DOSEEM Pressure reducer unit 02232

The pressure reducer unit includes Pressure reducing valve device DSPR-2C + High pressure tube + Medium pressure tube + Electical pressure gauge DSFSB-1+ fast connector.

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Pressure reducer assembly

Article number: 02232


The pressure reducer unit includes pressure reducing valve device, high pressure tube, medium pressure tube, electical pressure gauge, fast connector. High-pressure air can be converted into low-pressure air that is a safe breathing standard for the human body.

Features: Scientific design, safe decompression, selection of high quality stainless steel, anti-oxidation, flame retardant, impact resistance, pressure gauge 24 hours waterproof.

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Pressure reducing valve

Model: DSPR-2C


The pressure reducing valve is a device that depressurizes the high-pressure gas to a constant output pressure of 0.8±0.2 MPa and supplies the gas to the supply valve. The pressure relief valve is mounted on the backrest and is linked to the cylinder valve by the connection nut hand-wheel. This pressure reducing valve is equipped with a quick charging interface.

The gas source output is divided into two parts: high pressure and low pressure. The high-pressure gas source gas is sent to the high pressure meter and residual gas alarm through the high pressure tube. After decompression, the low-pressure gas source is sent to the air supply valve through the medium pressure tube, and the low pressure end is provided with a safety valve in the crucible cavity. Pressure relief valve and medium pressure tube, high pressure tube connection are plug-in type, the tube can rotate freely.

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Medium pressure safety valve:

The medium pressure safety valve is the installation and protection device of the pressure reducing valve decompression function. It is installed in the cavity of the pressure reducing valve. When the pressure reducing valve is affected by certain factors, the medium pressure rises and the pressure in the chamber reaches 1.1-1.7 MPa. The medium pressure relief valve automatically opens and relieves pressure to ensure that the medium pressure tube and the gas supply valve are in normal operation.

Medium pressure tube


The medium pressure tube is an air output flexible conduit composed of a rubber tube and a quick connector. One end is connected to an gas supply valve, and the other end is connected to a pressure reducer. The connection method is a card-type connection, which can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and can also be freely rotated in the same plane.

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High pressure tube & Pressure gauge

High pressure tube

The high-pressure tube is a pressure-resistant rubber tube, and it is responsible for delivering the high-pressure gas source to the high pressure meter and the residual gas alarm system.

High-pressure tube design combined with the front alarm system, at any time to see the remaining air in the cylinder, the bottle will automatically alarm when the pressure is lower than 5MPa.

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Electronic pressure gauge DSFSB-1

The combination of a high-voltage gauge and a residual alarm can both indicate the air supply pressure of the cylinder and give an audible alarm when the cylinder reaches the design approval pressure.

Both the pointer and the screen of the electronic pressure gauge can show the cylinder pressure. At the same time, the data is transmitted to the HUD via Bluetooth to light up. Effectively avoid delaying the rescue time by looking down at the pressure gauge and affecting attention.

Article number: 02061

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