DOSEEM High pressure tube & Gauge & Alarm whistle Maintenance


Use a soft, lint-free cloth or gauze to clean the surface of dust and dirt.


  • When the alarm system is faulty and requires maintenance, it should be repaired by the company's personnel or the company's special maintenance department. Please do not disassemble it. Do not touch the top of the connector of the high pressure system at will to prevent the blockage of the pipeline from affecting the operation of the alarm system;

  • Do not immerse the high pressure tube in water. Only use a soft cloth to scrub. Care must be taken not to immerse the liquid in the hose, especially in winter. After entering the water, it will cause ice inside the hose, causing unnecessary damage and danger;

  • Equipment must be inspected at regular intervals, and always after use in practice or in an emergency. It should never be stowed when wet or dirty.