DOSEEM Demand Valve DSG-1

DOSEEM Demand Valve DSG-1

The demand valve DSG-1 provide air flow is greater than 300L/minute. Simply insert the mask during use and take a deep breath to open the demand valve for air supply.

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Demand Valve

Article number: 02031

 Model: DSG-1


This demand valve is a plug-in type positive pressure demand valve. The air supply flow is greater than 300L/minute. Simply insert the mask during use and take a deep breath to open the demand valve for air supply. Operation method: Place the demand valve inlet Insert the mask directly, and hear a "beep" sound, indicating a smooth insertion. Take a deep breath and the demand valve will automatically open the air supply.

The bypass valve is a method for the use of an emergency valve designed on the demand valve: when the demand valve fails, the bypass valve button is directly pressed, and the demand valve can supply the mask directly to the air supply for the operator to evacuate and use.

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Strong and sturdy

The main body of the demand valve is molded from an extremely strong composite material. The exterior is made of a durable silicone rubber cover. It has the characteristics of fireproof, anti-chemical and anti-collision, providing additional protection for the demand valve. This design minimizes maintenance costs.

Clear communication

At the heart of the demand valve is a precision balanced piston device that is very quiet even during work and shortness of breath. This way, team members can safely communicate with each other while the team is working. This advantage is especially useful when communicating with the outside world during rescue operations.

Suction automatically opens

Open the demand valve automatically with a deep breath, which means you can breathe freely as long as you wear a respirator.

More action

When connected to the mask, the demand valve can be rotated and the wearer can freely adjust to the appropriate direction, which makes the wearer's action more free. The demand valve is finally coordinated with the operator's body.

Simple and safe to operate

Practical and streamlined design: easy to handle even with gloves and a secure connection to the mask. The red positive “off” button is in the middle for easy positioning and operation. The uniquely contoured wavy shape ensures that the device is installed on the mask without obstructing your view and allowing you to work.

Easy to maintain

Balanced piston assemblies sealed at the factory do not require regular maintenance or lubrication, which minimizes costs and prolongs service life. The protective cover can be removed quickly if necessary, so as to clean and disinfect the device.

Other advantages:

  • Ring gasket, reliable sealing;

  • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to handle;

  • Efficient and fast, easy to operate;

  • Multiple thread anti-off design is safely and firmly connected to the mask;

  • With air intake switch and throttle switch, fully improve air utilization and operating safety.

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