DOSEEM Demand Valve Check & Maintenance

Check the supply of demand valve:

Open the cylinder valve switch, wear a full-face mask, connect the demand valve, take a deep breath, and the demand valve will “click” to open the air supply. During the air supply, take a deep breath several times to check the performance of the demand valve. If the inhalation and exhalation are comfortable without discomfort, and the demand valve should be freely supplied or stopped with the breathing of the wearer, that is, to supply air when inhaling, and stop the air supply when breathing and holding the breath. This shows that the demand valve is in good condition, which can guarantee the effective use of compressed air.

Close the demand valve switch, open the bypass valve switch, continue to supply air in the mask, and continue the air flow after the bypass valve is closed. This indicates that the demand valve and the bypass valve are working properly.


Use a soft, lint-free cloth or gauze to clean the surface of dust and dirt.


  • Do not immerse the demand valve in water for cleaning. Only use a soft cloth to wipe the water. Care must be taken not to immerse the liquid in the demand valve and hose, especially in winter. After entering the water, it will cause ice inside the demand valve, causing unnecessary damage and danger;

  • Equipment must be inspected at regular intervals, and always after use in practice or in an emergency. It should never be stowed when wet or dirty.