Communication mask DSM-1 & DSHUD-1

Communication mask DSM-1 & DSHUD-1

Communication mask DSM-1 & DSHUD-1 is used with a walkie-talkie to achieve a long-distance call function of at least 1000 meters.

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Communication mask 

Article number: 02002

Model: DSM-1+DSHUD-1


Communication mask is a positive-pressure mask that adopts a single-eye window and a double-layer annular seal, and has the characteristics of wide vision and good transparency. The main frame of the face mask is made of silicone rubber material and has a small mouth nasal mask which is attached to the nose and mouth. It can enhance the communication mask effective breathing space and reduce respiratory resistance. The face mask is made of polycarbonate, which is always clear, bright and fog-free during use. The head cover is connected with the fast clip with the tightening belt, and the tightening belt can be tightened to make the face mask double seal ring close to the wearer's face so as to ensure the safety of the user's breathing.

The communication mask is used with a walkie-talkie to achieve a long-distance call function of at least 1000 meters.

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Including communication equipment, easy to operate

The loudspeaker communication device is used with the mask to realize the communication function. Press the PTT button to send voice through the intercom and release the button to end the call.

Long call duration

The use of the walkie talkie enables you to keep in touch with your colleagues for a long time during the mission. Use for hours, even during complex tasks, you can discuss your follow-up steps with your colleagues.

Easy to assemble without special tools

With the newly developed locking system, the installation and removal of the air supply valve can be achieved in just two steps. In addition, since the communication device has a waterproof and moisture-proof function, manual cleaning can be performed without disassembly.

Kevlar head net, five-strap head-harness

Easy to wear and remove quickly, without wrapping your hair. In addition, the headband is not only flame retardant, but also has a wide design to prevent pressure points on the head and increase comfort.

Perfect fit, clear voice

The headset must be as close to the ear as possible, avoiding missing important information at work and repeating the transmission. DOSEEM bendable headset can be adjusted to your head shape, not only for perfect fit, but also for clear communication quality. The microphone collects the wearer's voice directly from inside the mask. Even if the ambient sound is noisy, communication will not be disturbed.

Other advantages:

  • Low profile design, does not affect the field of view

  • Rugged and scratch-resistant

  • Anti smoke and poison gas

  • Safe, comfortable and adaptable to wear

  • External surround sound

  • A clear warning signal is issued when the battery (standard AAA) has only 25% or 10% remaining

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Technical parameter


Communication mask




Polycarbonate + Glass fiber

Face silica gel / Oral Mask silica gel

Silica gel / Elastomer TPE

Head strap

Aramid /  Head net type


Bayonet type

Suction resistance


Expiratory resistance (25 times/min)


Expiratory resistance (40 times/min)


Protection level


Explosion-proof grade

Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

Transmit power



8 ohm

Operating temperature


Lens transmittance


Total visual field retention


Binocular visual field retention


Mask CO2 content


Lower horizons




250mm * 185mm  * 125mm
Microphone shell, manual, 2 Section on the 1.5V E92 AAA 7th batteries
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