DOSEEM Mask Check & Maintenance

Check the mask airtightness:

Wear a mask and cover the interface of the mask with the palm of your hand. Take a few deep breaths without opening the cylinder valve. If you feel breathing difficulties, it means that the  mask has good air tightness, otherwise it is the opposite.


The mask should be cleaned with mild neutral detergent and disinfectant lotion, then thoroughly rinsed with clean water and dried naturally. Do not soak the mask in alcohol disinfectants for a long period of time and do not use steam for disinfection. Check that the fastenings are in good order.


  • The mask should be used after the air supply valve is installed;

  • Beard and hair buns can also affect the fit between the mask and the face, thereby affecting airtightness. Therefore, to ensure the cleanliness of the face when wearing inspections;

  • Neutral disinfection, sterilization cleaning liquid formulation ratio: use two tablespoons of chlorine bleach and 4 liters of water mixed or 70% ethanol, methanol or isopropyl alcohol solution as a cleaning agent;

  • Care must be taken when cleaning the mask. Do not use corrosives or coarse-grained detergents. Avoid using acetone, benzene, banana water, dry-cleaning solvents, strong phenol, wood-tarpaulin, and chloroform to clean the windows, so as To avoid damage or soften the window;

  • Equipment must be inspected at regular intervals, and always after use in practice or in an emergency. It should never be stowed when wet or dirty.