DOSEEM Full face mask DSM-1

DOSEEM Full face mask DSM-1

Fullface mask DSM-1 is a positive-pressure mask that adopts a single-eye window, a double-layer annular seal, has characteristics of wide vision, good transparency.

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Full Face Mask

Article number: 02001

Model: DSM-1


The full-face mask is a positive-pressure mask that adopts a single-eye window and a double-layer annular seal, and has the characteristics of wide vision and good transparency. The main frame of the face mask is made of silicone rubber material and has a small mouth nasal mask which is attached to the nose and mouth. It can enhance the full-face mask effective breathing space and reduce respiratory resistance. The face mask is made of polycarbonate, which is always clear, bright and fog-free during use. The head cover is connected with the fast clip with the tightening belt, and the tightening belt can be tightened to make the face mask double seal ring close to the wearer's face so as to ensure the safety of the user's breathing.

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Safe, comfortable and adaptable to wear

The double seal frame design provides safety protection and safety wear, and is almost suitable for all face types. The nose and mouth mask is made of safe and non-toxic silicone/TPE elastomer, which is safe and comfortable, ensuring high wearing comfort even when used for a long time.

Large field of view, scratch-resistant mirror

The high-quality mirror with scratch-resistant coating is made of polycarbonate (PC), which is durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring a wide field of view without distortion.

Efficient ventilation system

Large valve exhalation valve for rapid discharge of damp air. Efficient ventilation system, independent internal nose and nose mask to prevent fogging of the mirror and ensure a good view.

Kevlar head net, five-strap head-harness

Easy to wear and remove quickly, without wrapping your hair. In addition, the headband is not only flame retardant, but also has a wide design to prevent pressure points on the head and increase comfort.

Clear speech communication

The integrated voice film maintains clear voice communication and communicates with zero barriers.

Anti smoke and poison gas

Considering that it is worn and used in smoke, poisonous gas, and fog environment, the screen is designed with anti-fog function.

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Technical parameter

Product model


Total visual field retention


Panel material


Binocular visual field retention


Face silica gel / Oral Mask silica gel

Silica gel / Elastomer TPE

Lens transmittance


Head strap

Aramid /  Head net type

Mask CO2 content



Bayonet type

Mask leakage rate


Suction resistance


Mask leakage coefficient


Expiratory resistance (25 times/min)


Lower horizons


Expiratory resistance (40 times/min)




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