DS-RHZKF6.8 SCBA comprises full face mask, HUD, backplane transmitter, demand valve, air cylinder and valve, pressure reducer unit, backplate.
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DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

Article number: 01201

Model: DS-RHZKF6.8



Fulfill the standard

EN 137:2006; GA124-2013;  NFPA 1981:2003


DOSEEM self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is widely used in fire control, chemical, ship, oil, smelting, electric power, warehouse, laboratory, mine and other key departments for fire fighting, fire, gas, steam, and oxygen. It is a safe and effective for fire extinguishing and rescue. An ideal personal breathing protection device.

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DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 SCBA comprises a full face mask, a HUD, a backplane transmitter, a demand valve, an air cylinder, a self-locking cylinder valve, a pressure reducing valve, a high pressure pipe, a medium pressure pipe, a backplate, a warning whistle and a mechanical pressure gauge. 

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               1. Full facemask & HUD

               2. Demand valve

               3. Self-locking cylinder Valve

               4. Pressure reducing valve

               5. Fast connector

               6. Backplate

               7. Backplane transmitter

               8. Air cylinder

               9. Medium pressure tube

               10. High pressure tube

               11. Alarm whistle

               12. Mechanical pressure gauge

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1. Full facemask

The full-face mask is a positive-pressure mask that adopts a single-eye window and a double-layer annular seal, and has the characteristics of wide vision and good transparency. The main frame of the face mask is made of silicone rubber material and has a small mouth nasal mask which is attached to the nose and mouth. It can enhance the full-face mask effective breathing space and reduce respiratory resistance. The face mask is made of polycarbonate, which is always clear, bright and fog-free during use. The head cover is connected with the fast clip with the tightening belt, and the tightening belt can be tightened to make the face mask double seal ring close to the wearer's face so as to ensure the safety of the user's breathing.

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Pressure head-up display device

HUD is mounted on the double current side of the mask, and the color change of the air pressure indicator light can be seen, prompting the use of the gas cylinder. Green light: cylinder pressure above 10MPa; yellow light: cylinder pressure between 10~6MPa; red light: cylinder pressure below 6MPa.

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2. Demand valve

This demand valve is a plug-in type positive pressure demand valve. The air supply flow is greater than 300L/minute. Simply insert the mask during use and take a deep breath to open the demand valve for air. Operation method: Place the demand valve inlet Insert the mask directly, and hear a "beep" sound, indicating a smooth insertion. Take a deep breath and the demand valve will automatically open the air.

The bypass valve is a method for the use of an emergency valve designed on the demand valve: when the demand valve fails, the bypass valve button is directly pressed, and the demand valve can supply the mask directly to the air for the operator to evacuate and use.

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3. Self-locking cylinder valve

Air cylinder valve is an important part of the cylinder switch gas source. Its structure is a female threaded bottle valve. The thread is divided into two types: imperial G5/8 and metric M18*1.5. They are matched with the external thread reducer. The cylinder valve of the internal thread structure is equipped with a high-pressure safety diaphragm. When the gas pressure in the cylinder exceeds 38MPa-45MPa, the safety diaphragm will burst and the gas will be rapidly relieved. 

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4. Pressure reducing valve

The pressure reducing valve is a device that depressurizes the high-pressure gas to a constant output pressure of 0.8±0.2 MPa and supplies the gas to the demand valve. The pressure relief valve is mounted on the backrest and is linked to the cylinder valve by the connection nut hand-wheel. The gas source output is divided into two parts: high pressure and low pressure. The high-pressure gas source gas is sent to the high pressure meter and residual gas alarm through the high pressure tube. After decompression, the low-pressure gas source is sent to the demand valve through the medium pressure tube, and the low pressure end is provided with a safety valve in the crucible cavity. Pressure relief valve and medium pressure tube, high pressure tube connection are plug-in type, the tube can rotate freely.

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5. Fast connector

High safety standards

  • Imported stainless steel, no rust, corrosion resistance, no deformation resistance

  • Fast locking, convenient loading and unloading

  • Strong air tightness

  • Use safety

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6. Backplate

The role of backplate is to support the fixed cylinder and pressure reducer. The weight on the backplate is evenly distributed on the shoulders by the straps. The strap consists of a shoulder strap and a waistband. Both can be quickly adjusted in length so that the backrest rests on the back and buttocks of the human body. The gas cylinder is fixed on the backrest by a quick fixing device, and the diameter of the cylinder can be adjusted to fix the length of the cylinder.

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7. Backplane transmitter

The backplane transmitter can transmit the empty exhalation bottle pressure and the remaining amount of available time data to the pressure head-up device (HUD) via bluetooth for light prompting, which effectively avoids delaying the rescue time due to looking down at the pressure gauge and affecting attention.

The backplane transmitter maintains continuous output and reception of Bluetooth signals with and pressure head-up display devices.   

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8. Air cylinder

The gas cylinder is a high-pressure vessel for storing compressed air for human respiratory use. The rated storage pressure is 30 MPa. This gas cylinder is an international high-pressure cylinder.

The process of carbon fiber composite cylinders: In the aluminum alloy liner, high-strength fibers such as carbon fiber and glass fiber are wound together with polymer materials.

Features: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, long service life.

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9. Medium pressure tube

The medium pressure tube is an air output flexible conduit composed of a rubber tube and a quick connector. One end is connected to an demand valve, and the other end is connected to a pressure reducer. The connection method is a card-type connection, which can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and can also be freely rotated in the same plane. 

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10. High pressure tube

The high-pressure tube is a pressure-resistant rubber tube, and it is responsible for delivering the high-pressure gas source to the high pressure meter and the residual gas alarm system. The combination of a high-voltage gauge and a residual alarm can both indicate the air supply pressure of the cylinder and give an audible alarm when the cylinder reaches the design approval pressure. 

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11. Alarm whistle

High pressure tube design combined with front alarm system, when the pressure in the bottle is less than 5±0.5MPa, it will automatically alarm, the alarm decibel is not less than 90db, and the alarm can be heard clearly in relatively noisy environment.

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12.  Mechanical pressure gauge

The combination of a high-voltage gauge and a residual alarm can both indicate the air supply pressure of the cylinder and give an audible alarm when the cylinder reaches the design approval pressure. The gauge range is 0-40MPa, the working pressure of the cylinder is 27-30MPa and the alarm pressure 5-6MPa is marked with green and red areas, respectively. When the pressure of the cylinder drops to 5±0.5MPa, the residual gas alarm will emit a continuous sound of 90dB to remind the user that the gas source will be used up and it is necessary to evacuate the site as soon as possible. For a cylinder with a volume of more than 5L, the gas source for the cylinder can be used by the wearer for 5-8 minutes.  

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Software - Sample 1 for three columns
Software - Sample 1 for three columns

DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 Advantages:

Optimized design, easy to use

DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 self-contained breathing apparatus is one of the lightest breathing apparatus in the world. Innovatively developed an ergonomic backsheet with outstanding resistance to heat radiation, abrasion, tear and chemical resistance. Even in the harsh environment, DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 respirator is very comfortable to wear and stable. DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 passed the EN137 1000℃ high temperature flame test, which has excellent anti-wear and anti-heat radiation characteristics.

Easy maintenance

During service and maintenance, in order to minimize downtime and minimize costs, DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 incorporates a number of unique designs, all of which can be easily removed or reconnected from the backplane using simple tools. The strap is attached to the backing plate by a single adjustment of the innovative design. The snap connection of the primary pressure relief valve allows the pneumatic section to be quickly installed or removed from the respirator. The tubing can be quickly removed and cleaned from the backing plate.

Enhanced backpack system

DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 integrates a strap that can be precisely attached to the backplate. Advanced extruded waterproof EVA harness material is protected by a CR rubber edge seal that resists tearing and wear. The wear-resistant and flame-retardant FR-TPE belt ensures a tight fit on the user's body even during large movements. The refined stainless steel metal lock makes the DS-RHZKF6.8 quality more convenient and easy to use.

Pressure head-up display device

It is convenient for operation personnel to understand the pressure inside cylinder and avoid frequent checking of the pressure gauge. DOSEEM pressure head-up device consists of a backplane transmitter and a HUD. It uses a special protocol from DOSEEM to ensure the accuracy of data transmission and the uniqueness of pairing.

Pipeline integration, safe and reliable

In order to reduce the danger of being hooked and avoid physical damage, pressure tube and the air supply tube are integrated in the backplane clamp of DOSEEM DS-RHZKF6.8 backboard, which not only prevents thermal radiation impact, but also greatly enhances the safety of the enclosed space environment entering and working.

Other advantages:

◇ Anti poison gas                      ◇ Ergonomics

◇ Smoke prevention                 ◇ Thermal radiation

◇ Dust prevention                     ◇ Wear resistance

◇ Isolation oxygen                    ◇ Chemical resistance

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Technical parameter

Machine parameters



Expiratory resistance (25 times/min)




Expiratory resistance (40 times/min)


Storage capacity


Operating temperature


Maximum air flow


The whole weight


Working pressure


Alarm intensity


Alarm pressure


Light work usage time


Static pressure in a mask cavity


Moderate work usage time


Suction resistance


Heavy work usage time


HUD parameters

Product name

Pressure head-up display device


DSHUD-10 (Receiving end)

Explosion-proof grade

Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

Operating temperature


Operating temperature




Theoretical standby time

>1 year

Continuous working time

> 200h

Power supply battery

1 section  3.0V CR2 lithium battery

Working time at low voltage
> 2h

Packing parameters

Inner packaging

Material: PC/ABS

Size: 70cm * 29cm * 43cm

Outer packing

Material: moisture-proof carton

Size: 71cm * 30cm * 44cm

Software - Sample 1 for three columns

Software - Sample 1 for three columns

Software - Sample 1 for three columns

Software - Sample 1 for three columns

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