Portable Breathing Air Compressor DS120-W

Portable Breathing Air Compressor DS120-W



DS120-W Series is a worldclass portable breathing air compressor.Air Compressor conforms to the EN12021 Standards.

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DOSEEM DS120-W Portable Breathing Air Compressor

Article number: 06004

Moldel: DS120-W


DS120-W Series is a worldclass portable breathing air compressor.

Stable, durable and portable, it can be fitted into the boot of the car. Perfect for those in the fire-fighting, chemical and diving industry.

It is also applicable for use in a range of industries including: Recreational Diving, Defence, Shipbuilding, Medical Engineering, Shooting and Automobile Racing.

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               1. Single Phase Electric Motor

               2. Pumping Unit

               3. Vent Valve

               4. Active Carbon Molecular Sieve Filter

               5. Safety Valve

               6. Intake Filter

               7. Oil Filling Barrel

               8. Filling Valve With Gauge

               9. High pressure tube

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1. Single Phase Electric Motor

Asynchronous motor operated by 220V AC single-phase power supply. Power supply is very convenient and economical.

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2. Pumping Unit

  • C series pumping unit made in Germany.

  • High-performance 3-stage T type design.

  • Stainless steel interstage condenser pipe.

  • Interstage safety valve.

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3. Vent Valve

After filling the cylinder, open the vent valve to discharge the remaining gas in the breathing air compressor, then the cylinder can be removed.

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4. Active Carbon Molecular Sieve Filter

High-precision activated carbon molecular sieve filter Air Compressor conforms to the EN12021 Standards.

Has illustrated instructions on the bottle for safe and convenient use.

Pressure-limiting valve extend filter's life span.

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5. Safety valve

Final stage safety valve offer overload protection.

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6. Intake Filter

Filter air to make compressed air comply with the EN12021 standard.

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7. Oil Filling Barrel

Lubricating oil is thus injected, and lubrication is performed while the machine is running, thereby reducing wear and prolonging service life.

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8. Filling Valve With Gauge

Pressure display and pressure relief valve, easy to operate.

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9. High pressure tube

Breathing air compressor special inflatable hose——12*1200.

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  • With power line and magnetic starting switch

  • Oil-water separator and filter using aluminum alloy integrated design

  • Final stage safety valve offer overload protection

  • Button or switch with start and stop

  • Metal frame with spray coating

  • Stainless steel interstage condenser pipe

  • Active carbon molecular sieve filter

  • Condensate drain valve

  • Final pressure-limiting valve

Standard Configuration

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Available Options

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Technical parameter

Capacity (L/min)
Capacity (CFM)
Power (kW)
Drive options
220-230V 50Hz Single phase electric motor (Recommend)
220-230V 60Hz Single phase electric motor
Working pressure (bar) (Positive pressure air breather filling pressure)
Working pressure (bar) (SCUBA(Aqualung) filling pressure)
Fuel quantity (L)
Rotation speed (RPM)
Noise level (dB)
Breathing air standard
Weight (KG/LBS)
Volume (cm) (L*W*H)
Filling time (min) ( Time to fill 1L cylinder 0-200Bar (0-3000psi) )
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Intake filter

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Activated carbon filter cartridge

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Lubricating oil

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Outer packing

Software - Sample 1 for three columns

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