Chemical Protective Suits DSRHF-Ⅱ

Chemical Protective Suits DSRHF-Ⅱ

DSRHF-II is a liquid/dust chemical protective clothing. It can be used with self-contained breathing apparatus.

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DOSEEM DSRHF-Ⅱ Chemical Protective Suits

Article number: 08002

Model: DSRHF-

Standard: GB 24540-2009


DSRHF-II is a liquid/dust chemical protective clothing. It has good protective performance against high concentration chemical liquids, dust and particulates. High mechanical strength is an ideal choice for protecting dangerous areas of high concentration chemicals and biological media. It can be used with self-contained breathing apparatus. The garment structure is conducive to the safety and hygiene of the wearer, does not affect the normal physiological needs of the human body, and is easy to put on and take off and facilitate limb activities during operation.

The product adopts ultrasonic welding and heat sealing seam, which can effectively protect medium such as gas, liquid and particle. Special protective clothing for use in malignant incidents caused by chemical production or leakage. It is mainly used in fire fighting, petroleum, chemical industry, military industry, metallurgy and other industries. It is used in the emergency rescue of human body when dealing with dangerous chemicals, corrosive substances, toxic and harmful gases and liquids.

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Chemical protective clothing is integrated with chemical protective gloves and chemical protective boots. Anti-chemical gloves and anti-chemical boots change the traditional way of bonding with glue, using advanced ring-type snap-on connection. Users can replace it according to different environments.

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               1. Mask

               2. Zipper

               3. Gloves

               4. Boots

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1. Mask

High density black medical elastomer is used at the joint of head mask and face, which ensures non-toxicity and chemical inertia. It has the characteristics of non-pathogenicity, non-damage to adjacent tissues, non-allergy and good aging performance. It can effectively block the penetration of toxic and harmful gases by sealing with the face.

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2. Zipper

Seal the zipper with polymer water. The water-tight zipper is a new high-end product in the high-tech field. It engages the inner teeth of the two tapes by an independent zipper. The elastic tape is closely joined by the compression of the outer teeth to form a completely liquid-tight state. This design not only maintains the flexibility and operability of the old zipper, but also isolates harmful external liquids, gases, vapors, dust and light. The total length of zipper is 1.35m, which is easy to wear.

Zipper features: anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, non-spontaneous combustion, waterproof, airtight, pressure resistance, good weather resistance, service life of more than 10 years.

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3. Gloves

Use imported Ansall Extra chemical gloves. It is made of 100% natural rubber without any other fillers. It has high flexibility and sensitivity. The surface of gloves was chlorinated to improve the hardness of gloves to increase their chemical resistance and wear resistance. Glove lining with cotton flocking to improve user comfort and practicability. It can effectively protect 165 chemicals.

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4. Boots

The new steel sole anti-chemical boots, the boots are light, comfortable to wear, and the appearance is simple and generous. It adopts international new raw materials and high-quality elastic materials as improved agents. It has all the advantages of rubber and plastic, is not easy to break, and is easy to dry after washing. It is a new type of protective equipment. With waterproof, strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and other properties.

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Sample 1 for three columns
Sample 1 for three columns

Technical parameter

Flame retardant and antistatic double-sided coated PVC cloth
Fabric thickness
Acid and alkali penetration time
98% sulfuric acid 125min is not penetrated
30% hydrochloric acid 125min is not penetrated
60% nitric acid 125min is not penetrated
40% sodium hydroxide 125min is not penetrated
Breaking strength
Warp direction 762, weft direction 299
Seam breaking strength
No damage and no fracture after 1000 times of flexion
Tear strength
Warp direction ≥ 147N, weft direction ≥ 49N
Aging resistance (120 ℃, 24h)
Non-sticking, non-cracking
Cold resistance (-50℃, 5min, fold 180°)
No crack
Protection Level
Level 2
Flame retardant performance
Continuous burning time ≤ 5s
Flame retardant time ≤10s
Damage length ≤10cm
S, M, L, XL

Packaging features: environmentally friendly, recyclable; light weight, foldable; anti-static, moisture-proof.

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