DOSEEM Oxygen breathing apparatus DSZ4 (CCCF)

DOSEEM Oxygen breathing apparatus DSZ4 (CCCF)

Oxygen breathing apparatus DSZ4 (CCCF for fire rescue) provides secure respiratory protection for emergency rescue and relief when the toxic and harmful gases appear or when people are in the hypoxic condition.

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DOSEEM DSZ4 Oxygen breathing apparatus

Article number: 05002

Model: DSZ4




Self Contained Positive Pressure Oxygen Breathing Apparatus is a safety protection product designed by fully integration of advanced technology characteristics of similar products at home and abroad and the combination of current status of coal mine and fire industry. The advantages in the structure design are the reliable performance, small volume, light weight, comfortable to wear and the convenient maintenance and so on. It provides secure respiratory protection for emergency rescue and relief when the toxic and harmful gases appear or when people are in the hypoxic condition.

DOSEEM oxygen breathing apparatus (Oxygen BA) is widely used in fire control, chemical, ship, oil, smelting, electric power, warehouse, laboratory, mine and other key departments for fire fighting, fire, gas, steam, and oxygen. It is a safe and effective for fire extinguishing and rescue. An ideal personal breathing protection device.

Recommended field: Fire rescue

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DOSEEM DSZ4 Advantages:

Big airbag

It adopts the big airbag with high quality materials to reduce the deformation resistance of the airbag,makeing breath more easily and smoothly.

New cooling box

With the new international material HDPE, the new integrated design makes you can replace the ice easily without opening the upper cover of the respirator.


The full face mask is designed with a spherical large field of view to match different face types. The double-layer sealing edge has anti-fog, anti-scratch and wear-resisting, which ensure that the user can wear it safely.

Alarm function

The alarm is integrated in DSZ4. It features both a high-pressure sensor and a low-pressure sensor to monitor the pressure in oxygen cylinders and breathing circuits.

Comfortable breathing

The CO2 absorption tank can absorb CO2 in exhaled gas fully and timely. At the same time, the oxygen cylinder can supplement the breathing gas. The gas flows through the cooling system and enters the breathing hose. It adopts the large cross-section breathing hose, makeing the environment of breathing more comfortable.

Extra long use

The positive pressure in the system is slightly higher than the external environment to prevent poisonous substances from entering the sealed respiratory circulatory system, ensuring the user's breathing safety. The service time depends on the strength of the different industries and users of the application, and individual differences need to be considered, with a gas supply time of up to 4 hours.

Comfortable to wear

The shoulder shell is ergonomic, light weight, adjustable shoulder straps and a special design for the belt to pull forward make the wearing extremely easy. The practical breathing tube design balances the weight on the shoulders.

Pressure gauge real-time monitoring

The pressure gauge can be attached to the shoulder strap buckle. The thick bottom rubber protective layer can prevent inadvertent collision or damage, and can prevent the pressure gauge from falling and disturbing the work process.

Efficient removal of CO2

The volume of the CO2 absorption tank has been rigorously calculated, coupled with the DOSEEM high-efficiency absorbent, which can continuously remove CO2 for more than 4 hours while ensuring extremely low respiratory resistance and comfort.

Simple maintenance

Seismic protection and a specially designed rugged enclosure locking buckle enhance the safety factor of the DSZ4 during transport. Quickly disassemble the DSZ4 without special tools to ensure that the equipment is on standby.

High quality worldwide

DOSEEM products strictly adhere to the highest standards in the industry at all times. The overall housing not only guarantees sufficient mechanical strength, but also adheres to the environmental protection concept without any odor and avoids additional damage to the user. DOSEEM high-standard quality system ensures that all parts of the gas path and key components that come into contact with oxygen are truly grease-free, and mechanical pressure gauges use international high-end brands.

Product highlights

The product shell is integrated and designed in one time. The automatic replenishment valve and its retaining clips are supplemented with special coating to prevent corrosion. The special design of the retaining clip simplifies the fixing of the automatic replenishing valve; strengthens the area of the reducing valve, strengthens the protective casing and operates stably. In order to reduce the temperature of the inhaled gas and reduce the physiological burden, ice cubes can be added to the cooling system.

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Technical parameter

Oxygen BA DSZ4 (GA)  parameters

Rated protection time


Oxygen bottle volume


Rated working pressure of oxygen bottle


Alarm pressure


Oxygen storage capacity


The amount of filling calcium hydroxide


Expiratory resistance


Inspiratory resistance


Quantitative supply of oxygen


Automatic oxygen supply


Manual oxygen supply


Opening pressure of automatic supply valve


Opening pressure of the exhaust valve


The concentration of carbon dioxide in the air


The concentration of oxygen inhalation


Alarm sound level


Alarm time



580×385×165 mm

Net weight (without calcium oxide and oxygen)


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Software - Sample 1 for three columns
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