DOSEEM 9L Air cylinder (DOT) & Pressure gauge cylinder valve KHF-30SA

DOSEEM 9L Air cylinder (DOT) & Pressure gauge cylinder valve KHF-30SA

9L DOT Air cylinder is a high-pressure vessel for storing compressed air for human respiratory use. The rated storage pressure is 30 MPa.
KFH-30SA Cylinder valve is used to switch cylinder & can directly display pressure inside bottle.

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9L Air cylinder & Pressure gauge cylinder valve

Article number: 02091


Carbon fiber composite gas cylinders are made of aluminum alloy liners with advanced equipment and processes. They are made of high-strength fibers such as carbon fiber and glass fiber, which are entwined with polymer materials. The gas cylinder is a high-pressure vessel for storing compressed air for human respiratory use. The rated storage pressure is 30 MPa. This gas cylinder is an international high-pressure cylinder.

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The cylinder valve is an important part of the cylinder switch gas source. Its structure is a female threaded bottle valve. The thread is divided into two types: imperial G5/8 and metric M18*1.5. They are matched with the air cylinder and external thread reducer. The cylinder valve of the internal thread structure is equipped with a high-pressure safety diaphragm. When the gas pressure in the cylinder exceeds 38MPa-45MPa, the safety diaphragm will burst and the gas will be rapidly relieved.

The valve also can display the pressure of cylinder directly.

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Advanced materials, durable

Seamless aluminum alloy liner with carbon fiber entanglement on the epoxy. The outer layer of the epoxy resin is wrapped around the cylinder with glass fiber. The outer layer of glass fiber is used to strengthen the anti-impact and anti-corrosion ability of the cylinder during use and maintenance. Epoxy resin after high temperature treatment, external gel coating on the surface of the cylinder to create a smooth, easy-to-clean surface for the cylinder.

High security

Composite cylinders are difficult to conduct electricity and have neutralization in corrosive environments. The bottle valve has a pressure gauge that displays the pressure inside the bottle in real time. Cylinder valves built-in safety diaphragm, avoid high pressure cylinder bottle burst. Have good elasticity and softness of the TPE pad holder, effectively protect the cylinder knock against fading.

Light quality

Carbon fiber cylinder is about 50% lighter than the same volume cylinder, which greatly reduces the weight of the wearer during work and improves work efficiency.

Wide choice

You can choose from a wide variety of compressed air cylinders and configure respirators according to individual needs. Optional cylinder valves are available and can be configured with the cylinder configurator to meet customer requirements.

Technical parameter





Storage capacity


Liner material

6061 aluminum alloy

Cylinder diameter


First sandwich material

Carbon fiber

Cylinder height


Second sandwich material

Glass fiber

Cylinder weight


Housing material

Epoxy resin


Compressed air

Size of external thread of bottle valve


Filling pressure


Size of inner thread of bottle valve


Hydraulic test pressure


Detection cycle

3 years / cycle

Burst pressure


Service life

15 years

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