Backplane transmitter DSBBFS-10

Backplane transmitter DSBBFS-10

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Backplane transmitter (DSBBFS-10) can transmit the empty exhalation bottle pressure and the remaining amount of available time data to HUD via bluetooth for light prompting

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Backplane transmitter

Article number: 02051


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Backplane transmitter DSBBFS-10

The backplane transmitter can transmit the empty exhalation bottle pressure and the remaining amount of available time data to the pressure head-up device (HUD) via bluetooth for light prompting.

Effectively avoid delaying the rescue time by looking down at the pressure gauge and affecting attention.

The backplane transmitter maintains continuous output and reception of Bluetooth signals with and pressure head-up display devices. 

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Pressure head-up display device DSHUD-10

HUD is mounted on the double current side of the mask, and the color change of the air pressure indicator light can be seen, prompting the use of the gas cylinder.

Green light: cylinder pressure above 10MPa; yellow light: cylinder pressure between 10~6MPa; red light: cylinder pressure below 6MPa.

Article number: 02056

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Easy loading and unloading

HUD can be easily assembled into the mask and can be assembled quickly without tools, saving time. In case of emergency, it takes only a few seconds to transfer HUD inside the mask.

Comprehensive protection

HUD is fully protected inside the mask and will not be damaged by heat, humidity or chemical shocks. With waterproof, dustproof and other functions, it can adapt to complex working environments.

Long usage time

The battery supports an average of 200 hours of use. The replacement is simple and convenient without using tools.

Bluetooth pairing

Backplane transmitter and HUD are paired through Bluetooth to realize real-time data transmission, which is convenient and fast, and reduces cost and connection errors.

LED indicator lamp

Accurate information on cylinder pressure is always provided by red, yellow and green LED indicators. The display can automatically adapt to ambient brightness, and can clearly display pressure information even under the condition of insufficient light.

Low pressure sound and light warning

In addition to the low pressure alarm of the positive pressure respirator, if the cylinder pressure reaches the low pressure alarm value, the red LED on the HUD will flash and an alarm tone will sound. This provides additional warnings to the operator.


When pairing or re-pairing, please pair them one by one. If you turn on multiple devices at the same time, pairing disorder may occur.

HUD parameters

Product name

Pressure head-up display device


DSHUD-10 (Receiving end)

Explosion-proof grade

Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

Operating temperature




Theoretical standby time

>1 year

Continuous working time

> 200h

Power supply battery

1 section  3.0V CR2 lithium battery

Continuous operating time when the battery is under voltage

Regular > 24h

Backplane transmitter parameters

Product name

Backplane transmitter



Explosion-proof grade

Ex ia IIC T4 Ga

Enclosure protection level


Transmit power




Power supply battery

2 Section on the  1.5V E92 AAA batteries

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