DOSEEM Backplate DSB-1

DOSEEM Backplate DSB-1

The role of backplate DSB-1 is to support the fixed cylinder and pressure reducer.

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DOSEEM Backplate

Article number: 02041

Model: DSB-1


The role of backplate is to support the fixed cylinder and pressure reducer. The weight on the backplate is evenly distributed on the shoulders by the straps. The strap consists of a shoulder strap and a waistband. Both can be quickly adjusted in length so that the backrest rests on the back and buttocks of the human body. The gas cylinder is fixed on the backrest by a quick fixing device, and the diameter of the cylinder can be adjusted to fix the length of the cylinder.


  • Waterproof anti-static and flame retardant;

  • Use tough and lightweight material to reduce the load;

  • Widen the left and right shoulder straps to evenly distribute the shoulders;

  • Widening the belt, adjustable, giving the lumbar support and balancing the force;

  • It is designed with a air cylinder fixing belt and fixed air cylinder to ensure safety;

  • High cost performance, high comfort and durability;

  • Easy to disassemble and install, easy to maintain;

  • Adjustable fluorescent shoulder strap for quick positioning at night and improved safety performance;

  • According to the scientific design of the physiological curve of human back, it is easy to carry and the product is not easy to slip and shift;

  • The strap is made of aramid blended fabric with a wear-resistant stainless steel snap lock that withstands the high wear and tear environments that firefighters face every day, making them ideal for long wear and frequent use.

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  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth or gauze to clean the surface of dust and dirt;

  • Do not immerse the backplate in water, only use a soft cloth to wipe it;

  • The safety harness and attachments must not be damaged or scuffed. Adjusting buckles must run freely and lock securely.


Equipment must be inspected at regular intervals, and always after use in practice or in an emergency. It should never be stowed when wet or dirty.

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